If this sounds like yet another tetris-clone, it's because it pretty much is. I was digging deeper into the secrets of shell scripting, and wanted to see if you could use it to make something that it's totally not intended for - like, say, a game with moving graphics and music. Turns out you can. :-)

That's pretty much the only thing setting this clone apart from the umpteen other ones out there, though. You can play this one from the command line without as much as having an X-server installed.


Version 1.1.0

Misc info

Known limitations

When the game stops, the music won't stop immediately, but rather keep on playing until it's finished. This is a conscious descicion, as just killing the process on some machines will not lead to silence, but rather stuttering, tortured playback. Splitting the playback into smaller chunks was attempted, but it led to undesireable hiccups, so the current solution was considered the least annoying one.

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