Some time ago I discovered a type of logic puzzle called nonograms. I found them quite fascinating and entertaining, so I thought why not make such a game? How hard could it be?

"Harder than you might think." turned out to be the answer to that question. Creating a random playing field is ridiculously easy. So is turning that into hints for the puzzle. Making a GUI isn't too hard either. The real problem turned out to be that that's not enough. Creating a field isn't good enough - you must also verify that the puzzle has one unique solution. If the puzzle is ambiguous, it's a bad puzzle plain and simple. This turned out to be the real challenge. Oh. And the fact that I haven't really done anything with Qt before.


Version 1.1.1

Misc info

Build instructions

You need to install the Qt5 development packages. Then you can just run:

        qmake && make

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